Can Neurofeedback work for me?

Neurofeedback combines the latest discoveries in neurology with the power of electronics. Without the rapid development of computers, we would not have this increasingly powerful and user-friendly device. It is a complex technology that promotes changes in the cells and synapses to empower you to use your mind as a tool for healing or honing your skills.

This method can benefit athletes,artists, business men or women, and adults and children suffering from ADHD, stress, depression, sleep disorders, epilepsy, trauma - because we all have one thing in common: a plastic brain!

Neurofeedback optimises the functioning of the brain, any brain! Our complaints can be seen as signs that our brain is not functioning at its optimal level. Neurofeedback training can change that, regardless of whether we are seeking changes on a physical, emotional or mental level.

This method encourages our brain to reorganise itself in the best possible way. It involves the whole organism. Positive changes can emerge in all spheres of our lives.

One last thing: taking medication does not stop you from doing Neurofeedback.
Since each brain is unique, the ability to alter its function (its plasticity) is therefore unknown in advance and it is impossible to say how many sessions will be needed to achieve the necessary or desired change.

It is certain, however, that the brain can change both its structure and its function. And it can be demonstrated that Neurofeedback achieves cognitive, emotional, motor and psychological results (self-confidence/self-image).

The immune, cardiac and hormone systems could also benefit from Neurofeedback!