Neurofeedback and early traumas

While Neurofeedback is less well known for this type of disorder, it is one of or possibly the most effective method for treating post-traumatic stress disorder following neglect or abuse in childhood, be it lack of care, abandonment or sexual abuse which are sadly all-too frequent and so difficult to overcome.

Indeed, chronic dissociation, in other words the difficulty of being in contact with one’s emotions and hence of having proper contact with others, or difficulties with controlling one’s emotions (anxiety, anger, fear of the unknown), self-destructive behaviours such as addictions, risky behaviour or self-harm, social isolation or severe eating disorders are most often due to neglect or abuse in childhood. And while they always result in harm to the harmonious development of neural circuits, Neurofeedback can really work on this level too!

In that connection, I refer the reader to the excellent work of Sebern Fischer: Neurofeedback in the treatment of developmental trauma.