Engineer, psychologist, EMDR therapist and Neurofeedback practitioner, Françoise Henry offers to help your brain to give its best.
By giving it feedback on its electrical functioning, the brain can gradually regulate itself, on both the electrical and molecular levels. And since the central nervous system directs all the functions in the body, the functioning of your whole being is regulated and optimised.

In 1990, after conducting research at Glaxo Smith-Kline, Françoise graduated in engineering (UCL). After this, she travelled, alone, for six months in India to bring antibiotics to various missions across the country and to work as a volunteer (mainly at Mother Teresa's hospice in Calcutta).
Her very first job as an engineer was teaching physics and computer science. She went on to become president of the NGO FFIAN, trainer at the École Nationale des Finances, graduate in clinical psychology (Freudian psychoanalysis) at ULB, then at UCL (2002), founder of the Shanti Foundation…

After 10 years of hard work as an EMDR therapist, she chose to train in Neurofeedback, because she was curious about everything and very pragmatic. Indeed, this approach is totally original and incredibly effective on its own, or in tandem with another method. A person suffering from serious anxiety or depression and resistant to many therapeutic approaches is referred to us by a colleague practising hypnosis and EMDR; after six or seven sessions of Neurofeedback, we instinctively suggest an EMDR session on a key moment of early childhood. While this has been discussed many times in EMDR before, it is as if the person was now able to "let go" of the decision they made at the time or to "unbind" petrified memory networks. The patient made a full recovery.